Etsy Musical Wood Art Shop

You can order my harps, door harps, wooden jewellery etc. via my Etsy Shop Musical Wood Art.

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Etsy Musical Wood Art Shop

You can order my harps, door harps, wooden jewellery etc. via my Etsy Shop Musical Wood Art.

spiel-zeug mit musik is:

musical toys in nice design | for kids and adults | handmade | custom-made items with unique character according to my own artistic ideas

Main focus of my work are:

musically and artistically mature : in sound and look

|  ecological sense : Surface treatment with best organic paints and waxes; in exceptional cases - unless otherwise possible - with acrylic paint (all on the product description / label listed)

|  Use of indigenous woods and precious woods from the region

Harps and Kanteles

The harp is found in many world cultures. The Finnish (Suomi) culture tells not only the emergence of the first harp, but also the first kantele from fischbone, and the first kantele from birch wood. According to the legend, weaving around it, long long time ago the magician Wäinämöinen has carved the first kantele from the jawbone of a pike. When he began to play on it, "the birds in the forest stoped singing, and everything was enchanted and listening to the sounds of the kantele." Was it now the wizard or the instrument? (see Kalevala, the "Odyssey of the North")

The Door Harp

…is the mechanical variant of the 5-string primal kantele. Once, a long time before radio and television, in the sparsely populated and very spacious Finland, the door harp fulfilled two needs: one heard when visitors came, and you had some music in an environment that would otherwise only knew the sound of nature (after all, the first automatic music a long time before machine - age).

The harp is very common worldwide. The earliest documented references outdated there from the period 4000 BC in Egypt and 3000 BC in Mesopotamia. The first pictures of harps appear in Mesopotamia and in ancient Egypt around 2400 BC, coinciding with lyres.

Kantele (Finnish) | Kannel (Finnish and Estonian)
The kantele or kannel is a fingerboard loose box zither, which is native to Finland, Estonia and Karelia.

Door Harp
The studio spiel - zeug mit musik is developing a variety of models, in addition to the traditional form with resonance box (models "FINLAND"), the frame shape (models "Wave, Ammonite") too, where the whole door is sounding.
So the door harp fills the room with a gentle sound.

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